'02 YZ426 durability question...

Yeah...I used to own a 2-stroke('97 cr 125), and I had to change the top end so many times I lost count. I just got my 426 a couple of months back and I love it like a man should never love a machine. Anyway, I was just wondering how the top end is reliability wise compared to a two stroke. I just wonder if it will be the same drill. And if you have any regular maintenance tips it won't hurt. Thanks a bunch in advance for your replies.

Check the valves every once in a while, and don't replace the piston hardly ever. These bikes are basically bulletproof when taken care of properly. I don't have any idea how long a piston will last, but I do know it's a hell of a lot longer than a 125 pingaling. Get a magnetic drain plug, keep the carb, filters (air and oil) and oil clean and she'll never disappoint you.

Thanks man....me and my Dad had been wondering about that. The only problem I've had yet is the when it hits neutral sometimes when it gets hot going up to second or going down from second to first. Other than that I love this bike so SO much. I will never look at a 2-stroke with the same respect I once had again. 4-strokes 4-ever!

I bought my '01 Yz426f back in '00. I haven't even looked at my top end or valves yet. I know, pretty dumb. But i'm sooo lazy. I change the oil every two rides and the oil filter every 5 rides. Cranks within 2 kicks every time. Mine used to miss going to 2nd gear sometimes when it was new to me, so maybe you just have to get use to it.

i own a 01 426 and I did the 450 cam mod and have checked on vaves perodicly but no wear no problems runs great.

The cylinder and piston will last 5-10 times longer in a good four-stroke. I just did the valves in my 250F and put it back together with the original piston. Valves are the main area that will eventually need replacement. Once they get to the point where the clearances tighten up in less than 15 hours, it's time for new ones.

One thing you should do is replace the cam chain and check the tensioner every 1 to 2 seasons, just as cheap insurance against a worn off crank sprocket or a major problem caused by skipping time. It isn't an extremely common occurrence, it's just one of the few things that does go wrong sometimes, and it's usually easily and cheaply preventable.

So, you guys aren't sad you didn't get a CRF so that you can worry about you valves exploding out of the head? :naughty:

So, you guys aren't sad you didn't get a CRF so that you can worry about you valves exploding out of the head? :naughty:
No, I'm sad that Honda couldn't have learned more from their peers. My son wants a CRF450, but I don't want to maintain one.

Thanks for the advice guys. I am going to do the 450 cam mod. Do you have to do the intake and exhaust cam? Also, I have to share this. I just got back from tearin it up at the track....I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!! I've never felt more comfortable

on a bike before. The thrust is very linnear and predictable. I'm on stock suspension, I weigh about 220lbs, and the sag is perfect, the rebound is perfect along with the compression all around. All this on FACTORY suspension. I'm going to be buying variations of this bike for the rest of my life. Long live the YZF!!!! :naughty:

Kizzle426, what track do you go to? And I have not done the mod but i think you just need a stock '03 450 exhaust cam.

Nope, you only need the exhaust cam and a TT decomp plug. I bought an extra plug anticipating a new 450 this year, and since that isn't going to happen I'd be happy to sell it to you if you want it. You'll also need to pick up the lip seal for a 426 that goes into the decomp shaft hole (I think TT sells them in the store now).

Oh yeah, and about the neutral thing- mine started doing that recently too and I think the problem is that the shifter is loose on the shaft, so you might check that bolt.

I am a member of a local club in waco, texas called the Waco Eagles. They have a track about 20 minutes away from my house that has been around since 1932. It's been revamped obviously.It's a nice track. The first real track I've ever had a chance to ride on. I was raised on trails.

Yeah I have heard of them, isn't there a website for the club? I was trying to find a place to ride the other day around waco and i could not find a track that was open to the public. Stephenville was the closest. Wanted to hit whitney but i guess they are only open two weeks a year, whuts up with that?

Your bike is as reliable as how you maintain it

Doing the maintenance will prolong the life of any bike. The Yamaha 426 is pretty much a bullit proof bike

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