woods riding

How would you set up your wr for hare and hounds and woods riding?

thetrack im riding next week has fast flatout striaght aways and very tight woods what do you consider to be the best setup.

suspension: soft .... and motor for bottom end :naughty:

i would gear it down a little, maybe 13tooth front and 52 or 53 rear sometimes 1st gear is not low enough, bark busters.

-protaper bars and risers

-good bark busters

-13T front {or 53t rr}

-good bash plate

-devol rad guards {or other strong ones}

-new tires

-"free mods" {if its a USA bike}

-intake, pipe, and jetting mods {if you haven't done them yet}

-good sex the night before {and or morning}

-stretch when you wake up and just before the race.

GOOD LUCK. post pictures.

What they said plus TrailTech odo, route chart holder, and a Moose front fender tire bag to hold a front tube that will also work in the back. Even though not a mod, good sex the night before would also feel like at least 5+ hp due to good night's sleep as stated above.

People is always telling me not to have sex the night before a race :naughty:

they said that it will get me tired sooner on the race :naughty:

Cheers folks very entertaining lol. Now if some can tell us how to post pics ill do my best to get some pics posted.

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