Forum Newbie with a New Big Red Pig

Well just thought i'd say hi

Just agreed the purchase of a 2003 model XR650R here in England

So far its an untouched bike 1 owner that has only done 150 miles from new! :D

Havnt ridden it yet but i'm collecting it next Wednesday. I've been reading the modding section and i'll go down the uncorking route after i've got a feel for it a little.

I Don't want to scare myself senseless the first time I ride it! :naughty:

I have ridden quite a few bikes but this is the first in several years. :naughty:

looking forward to some good advise and making some sort og contribution to the forum

Cheers James

Get the Edelbrock Quicksilver carb, makes the bike more ridable, easier to start and faster.

Great purchase jamestoo, you wont be dissapointed.

Nice purchase. Lots of "useable" info here. Congrats!

Cheers guys thanks for the welcome!


Welcome James, Uncork that beast and enjoy the ride... :naughty:

You'll get all the info you need here at TT, It's a great place.... :naughty:


One piece of advice. After you uncork the beast, don't grab a handfull of throttle right off the bat or else you might find yourself on the ground with your bike continuing on down the road. It is that big of a difference. YAHOOOOO!!!

Fix the right footpeg first, before you go on any long trail rides. Otherwise, you will be in the middle of no where with only one foot peg. :naughty: Steny

Welcome, good choice lots of bang for the buck, keep the shinny side up.

Hi James, Welcome Im in UK too. Just bought a 2000 XR650r last week and just started riding it. Give me a hello sometime. Cheers, Steve :naughty:

Well thanks for the very warm welcome guys just to update.

Collected the pig yesterday what a superb bike! Never ridden one before but it goes great even in stock form.

Had a quick check over it and went straight out for a 10 mile ride it was a real pig to start first off but i hadnt got the choke set up right or to be honnest the knack. i adjusted the ideler and now it starts first kick with no choke!

the bike is an 2002 xr650r when i collected it it had only 153 miles on it from new!

the guy i bought it from said it frightened him!

i'll get used to it some more first off road over the coming weekend then i'll uncork it



You got a sweet bike/deal. Be glad the other guy was the big "V", right?...LMAO!

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