Taf 22mm offset YZ/YZF tripleclamp set


i read the ebay stuff and was wondering about the original offset. I thought all the time the offset is 25mm not 24. Which one is now right?

Greetings Martin :naughty:

I should have these by next tuesday. I will report back on the handling difference.

Yeah, let us know. The statement that it will turn quicker seems backwards me. Decreasing the offset increases trail, which I believe makes the bike more stable and at the same time less prone to turn, right? That's why the CRF's almost immediately ended up with 22 - 20mm clamps to take the squirrliness out of them.

I saw a similar set of tripleclamps back in 97. Applied made several "supercross" sets of triple clamps. These clamps moved the offset from the stock 24mm down to 22. The word was these clamps made the YZ's handle more like the RM Suzuki's. The YZ/YZF offset has been 24mm since at least 96. Maybe earlier.

The steering might be slightly heavier, but the bike should turn better. This mod also places more weight on the front wheel.

Again, I dont have them yet. I will give a decent report after I use them. This price of 259.00 with a new set of tag bars in unreal. The lowest quote I had to get a set custom made was 750.00. We will see.

I figure I can always sell them to one of you guys if I hate them.

Does anyone need a set of tag SX bars???? I doubt I will change my pro tapers.

RG3 and Applied both have 22mm offset clamps.

I just found the RG3 's this morning. It looks like the price is 199.00 for a lower clamp, and about 250 for the top clamp plus mounts. The RG3's look nice, however.

This set I am getting comes with a stem and bearing. The switch out shoudl go really easy.

The stuff TAG turns out is as nice as anything made. You'll like them, assuming you like the handling.

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