Wheel Question

Does anyone know if a stock OEM 1999 yz400 wheel will fit on a 1998yz400?

Thanks for the help-Joe

Joe, I've been looking into wheels A LOT lately. And I can tell you with almost certainty, No. You cannot use a 99 wheel on a 98 YZ. Unfortunately, in 99 they changed the bearings (both ID and OD). This change isn't fixable (as of yet, although I'm sure there is a bearing somewhere in china that would make it work, but good luck in finding it).

So you need to start looking from earlier up to '98. It sucks, but I'm in the same boat looking for 99+ right now>

If you are looking, might I suggest Ebay. all the '98 wheels are super cheap on there right now. It's this little thing called supply and demand that's going to cost me and extra saw buck or two because my bike is new. :naughty:

Good luck,


Very true my market seems to be on a low demand. However i havent had any luck on ebay. Cant ever seem to find a 98 wheel. you say there are a lot of cheap ones right now? im only seeing newer year models. thanks for the info smokey.

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