Yamalube, or Golden Spectro

Ok I just got some mixed reviews on oil. I currently ride an 02 WR426, and I use the yamalube4 in it. My cousin told me to make the switch to golden spectro blend of the synthetic-conventional oil. 2 guys at the bike shop told me that my clutch will start slippin if I go synthetic in that bike. One of witch had a streetbike that said his clutch was slippin when he used the blend. My cousin says that he has only heard of it happenin on streetbikes, and the blend is what everybody he knows uses and recommends. Does anybody have any input on this topic. Should I try the blend, or should I stick with the yamalube? Thanks

I see no reason not to stick with the Yamalube. It's good oil, it's damn cheap, & it was specifically designed with a motorcycle clutch in mind, so it's not a gamble with clutch slippage. Did I mention it's cheap? :naughty:

I used to be a diehard Silkolene guy, ran it in all my street bikes & my racebike, & even my KTM LC4 Supermoto. It's great oil, but given the frequency of oil changes on the Yamaha (& even the KTM, really) it's too damn expensive, & probably doesn't make a significant difference.

I second the motion to stick will the yamalube. I use it in my 99wr and have never had a problem. It's good and it's cheap. Those are 2 words you seldom see used to describe the same thing. :naughty:

I'm using Thumper Oil, the best for high rpm thumpers?

i used the golden spectro blend for years. (until i got a rekluse clutch) it's some of the best motorcycle oil out there. i still use it in my street bike. it's made for motorcycles so if somebody had a clutch that slipped, there's a good chance there were other issues. that said, at $6 to $7 a qt. it's kind of pricey. yamalube4 is a quality product and about $3 cheaper. the key to long life in a modern thumper is fresh oil. if $3 cheaper is enough to get you to change your oil more often, go yamalube.

...the key to long life in a modern thumper is fresh oil...

This is exactly why I run the Yamalube, The oil in these bikes needs changed so often, I don't feel that the additve packages in pricey oils makes any difference.

...of course, I could be wrong, that's just my opinion...

I've used both and they work great. I use GS with my Husky's (2 stroke and 4 stroke). I use Yamaha lube with my son's two Yamaha's (YZ 125 and Blaster quad) and it works great too. I'd stick with Yamahalube, if for no other reason if you have problems with your engine one day. Nothing says it better than factory oil to a Yamaha rep. Steny :naughty:

Never used anything but Yamalube. Never had a clutch or engine failure.

born and bred on yamalube, my pops never complained, and still hasnt to this day, so when i got my bike and wanted to grab a couple things of oil i didnt even think twice i just reached for the yamalube..

I have used both, with no adverse affects.

I run Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil. I've never heard anything bad about yamalube, I just like full synthetics in performance motors.

It seems that Yamalube also has 4T synthetics type of motor oil.

Wow lots of mixed reviews. I appreciate the input though fellas. I do change my oil a lot now that I think of it. I am averageing about 100-150 miles per change for how hard I rape that thing on a day to day basis. Hahhaha. Whats everybody else gettin out of their oil changes?

I picked up a bottle of that new Mobil 5000 and noticed it is SG rated. I'm currently using Royal Purple M/C oil in the old TT 500 Dirt Tracker and the WR450. I've used the GS and Yamalube and Valvoline M/C oil. I think the key to oil longevity is not over heating the engine or abusing the clutch. Over heating breaks down the oil and clutch abuse pollutes the oil.

My cousin said he tried GS in his bike and it not only had smoother shifts, but also ran cooler. the yamalube just worked for me thats all

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