Base suspension settings xr650r/Barnums

I recently sent my my front & rear suspension to Barnums for a total setup for my wt/style/terrain.

It is all installed, the sag is set at 98 or so and I plan to take it out on a ride this weekend.

At least an hour or so will be just dialing in the compression/rebound settings.

Do you guys have any base settings for compression/dampning front/rear? I'm 195lbs.

Most terrain is foothill trails which can be rocky or tree rutted and I'm a "C" rider. C for crappy and conservative.

If printed a few things off the net as to how to adjust the settings, but anything else or other links would be appreciated!



Try it as is and see how she behaves. Our Barnum’s suspended bikes have been very close to being right on the money for our needs. If you have to make adjustments, you'll probably only be just a few clicks away, but try it as is. I thought I'd be having to give up riding for the rest of this year due to medical reasons and I still may have to, but I got to squeak in some good riding this last week for the first time in a while and again really appreciated the suspension work Barnum’s did, especially in the whoops, rocks & ruts.

With my youngest son and his friends, I hit a ~100 yard section of whoops, a few of which were larger and sharper than others. Johnny Campbell and Team Honda were practicing in this same area and we got to stop and talk with them for a short bit which was kind of kool. My speed through this section with my youngest son and his friends was fairly slow and I bottomed twice, although this section felt OK otherwise aside from bottoming out. The arches of my feet were not happy and the clunk/clang noise sure didn't sound pretty when I bottomed, but my springs are now too light for my current weight. The next day I rode this exact same section a couple different times with my oldest son, brother-in-law and some friends, but my speed was way up and it felt 'oh-so-good' at speed. The bike felt nice and firmly cushioned (progressively plush / not harsh), well behaved and more fun to ride as the speeds picked up. It's amazing what a little speed will do and that's when I want my suspension at its best. Rob's suspension work allows me to cover way more terrain without being nearly as worked or fatigued while improving my control. Barnum’s has turned our bikes into high performance desert Cadillac’s :naughty:

Thanks Quadsan

I'll try it as is and then play with it awhile

Good luck with your medical issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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