05 450 Jetting in high altitude

I recently removed the baffle out of the exhaust and replaced the throttle screw on my 450, now the bike really rips :naughty: . but i noticed that it backfires alot more. will re-jetting my bike take care of that? what would be some recommendations for this high altitude, (SLC Utah) i plan on taking it into the high Uintah mountains.

Check the sticky at the top of this board. People are posting their set ups :naughty:

I ride at 4000-7000' and haven't had to re-jet, I 've done all the free mods including the AIS removal which helped cut down on backfiring, its runs slightly rich which means slightly cool. I could probably do some fine tuning with re-jetting but I'm to busy riding all the time to pull the carb. I guess I'm waiting until I have the $$ for new exhaust to mess with the jets. Any higher then 7000' I have no idea??

Oh ya, amazing things will happen if you re-jet correctly for your set-up and conditions, if you have the time and money DO IT!

I'm at about 4800' ASL and this is what I run on my '05:

168 Main

48 Pilot

OEM Starter

40 Leak

JD Needle Red #4

Boyesen Quickshot

Zip-Ty Fuel Screw @ 1.5 turns

FMF Q2 w/ PowerBomb

Airbox Snorkel Removed

I just installed the 48 Pilot jet and Quickshot, but the bike was running a tad lean before with a 45 Pilot. I'm planning on adding some Uni Filter Vents to the airbox cover soon as I'm still not totally happy with the amount of air coming in. I'm real close to perfection, say 90%. They say that last 10% is damn hard to find, but I've never been a quitter...SC

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