G`Day all

Can someone give me a hand with this one: : :naughty:

When starting the PIG with full choke if you miss the first time then go to get it back to TDC it backfires,then you start it with no choke and it will start ?

It`s been uncorked 172 main, 68s pilot, Rush aircleaner, Honda racing exhaust tip.

The valve clearance was done about 800 miles ago.

Also at speed at 50 mph the top end sounds very rattlely its been like it from new. It now has 9000 miles on it with no problems and regular oil and filter changes.

Thank in Advance

Steve B

I can only tell you my starting procedure, (cold) choke on full hold kill switch down and pull decompressor lever 1/4 throttle, kick it over 2 times then get it over TDC release kill switch and 1 kick and mine allways starts, mine starts first kick hot everytime, if it don't try adjusting idle speed and idle mix screew, mine likes it on the rich side and idle a little high. Mine makes more noise than my XR600Rs probably short piston skirt (slap) and balancer, I put 1 inch thick foam under skid plate, much quieter.

My procedure is slightly different. The choke has three positions: CLOSED, 1/2 OPEN, OPEN. This works best for me when the bike is cold. I put the choke to OPEN, kill switch off, decompression lever pulled in, full throttle and then I kick it several times. Next, I put the choke to 1/2 OPEN, kill switch on, release decompression lever, no throttle and then one kick from TDC. Once it starts, I CLOSE the choke. This works everytime on the first kick. This is basically the same procedure you would do after you dump the bike and flood it.

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