New Petcock??

I have a '94 SR600 with a 4.0 Gal. IMS tank and I am looking for a new petcock assembly, The entire petcock with the filter screen. Any ideas on the best place to buy one? :naughty: Thanks, Walt :naughty:

Call IMS they will mail you one my buddy did and they sent it asap.......................ride on.........

Why not just buy OEM?

It won't match up.

IMS tank place... They'll get you one......... :naughty:

my 4.o gal IMS tank used the stock petcock, and mounted up easily, with none of the "clearance" problems I heard about in here... I'm still trying to figure out that one :naughty:

It won't match up.

OK what you're syaing really is that IMS have mucked up the mount holes.

The infamous indifferent IMS build quality.

Normally the stock petcock bolts straight on my has and most other readers will say that as well. Mine works fine

Where is it not bolting straight on?

Are the brass inserts out of kilter?

HAHAHAHA you said pet cock! ahahahahahhahahahaha

They come to IMS with no holes drilled for petcocks I believe? They drill them there. My Husky dealer buys Suz 400 tanks to mount on TC Huskys. He drills the holes at his shop on the opposite side as the Suz petcocks go. Steny

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