Anybody got a sure-fire method for combatting rust on their bike? I've got little annoying spots here and there, in the threads of some of the unused frame mounts, inside the axles and swingarm joint, stuff like that. I suppose I could paint everything that's a nuisance, but I figured I'd ask first...SC

After I wash my bike I spray the problem spots that rust up with WD-40 :naughty:

Paint it, grease it, oil it...

Rust is actually oxidation. To combat it all that has to happen is the exposed metal needs to be protected from oxygen and water. This is why WD-40 works so well. Once it has sat in it becomes that much harder. Paint is not always the best answer since corrosion can continue underneath. Actually, any petroleum based oil will protect your bike. As a second note, do you clean your bike with a strong cleaner such as Castro Super Clean or Simple Green? These have been shown to increase corrosion in metal, especially aluminum.

Inside of threads use anti-seize. Whole steel parts can be treated with POR but it is a process. Thankfully, I live in a high desert and have an inside home for my bikes that keeps rust down to a minimum.

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