First ride today!!!!!

Finally had a chance to do some riding today. Went down to Tower City with my 95 YZ250 and my new 2001 YZ426f. All i can say is holy sheep sh!t. :naughty:

their is absolutely no comparison between these bikes. The first 5 min. i was thinking what i get myself into!!!!!But then i settled down and really enjoyed the ride. My only complaints are the bike sits a little to high for me, the bars seam a little low, and the engine braking. I thought i saw on here somewhere that the 450 cam mod all but eliminates this, is this so???

Well I'm looking forward to my next ride.Later :naughty:


The 450 cam doesn't eliminate engine braking, but it does make it a little harder to stall. The factory guys run slipper clutches on their YZ450's to eliminate engine braking.

The engine braking which right now seems strange will soon become your best friend. This is one of the reasons why most amatuers are faster on these bikes than 2 smokes. Learn to use this to your advantage. You'll use your wheel brakes much less, which means your going faster! :naughty:

I love the engine braking in long motos as I tend to get forearm pump and am reluctant to reach for my front brake much at that point. I love my '01 426. :naughty:

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