What do ya think, XR650R?

Wow thumpertalk has been awsome!

I have reaaly enjoyed reading all the great info.

Now for my question. I am getting back into trail riding after a few years off and want to get as much info as possible.

I have been reading all the posts and the magazines, listening to friends, etc.

I am looking for a good trail bike. I live in the nor cal and will be riding mostly wooded trails. Stoneyford, Cow Mountain, Hollister, etc. My friends ride new ktms crfs 450s etc. I want to be able to ride with my small kids with their CRF 50s then rip with my friends on the big boy rides. I have really compared the specs of the XR650R to a some of the new stuff and dont think it is that far off.

Is the XR650R the right choice or not?

I have been all over I what I want and should get.

BMXRDAD :naughty:

First of all welcome aboard! I live in Northern Ca. and ride all of the places you listed and I love my 650R. It can putt all day long if you like and it can hang with just about anything with a twist. Not the lightest thing out there but you also don't have to do much to it to keep it running without issues for thousands of miles. For me it's the best all around bike to date and I've been through many (10) from my 2 smoke motocross days to trail riding today. I at least don't think you could go wrong and there are lots of deals to had out there on good used ones.

XR650R :naughty::naughty:

I hate mine. :naughty:


320lbs. wet but you only notice it when you have to pick it up or carry it out of a place you should not of gone.

320lbs. wet but you only notice it when you have to pick it up or carry it out of a place you should not of gone.

322lbs wet. :naughty:


i love my pig for wide open baja and open road dual sporting... :naughty:

BUT for the kind of riding you are likely to do in norcal (spent a few years there myself) Stonyford or Bass Lake or Hollister offers--i would think a better choice for you would be a KTM 525 EXC, a Husky TE510, or if you are under 180lbs a WR450. The '06 450X with the fixed problem (i'm not alowed to say what the problem is!!) would also be a great choice.

Electric start, lighter weight, better handling, are the traits of these new, lighter , faster ebutton bikes. The pig is sort of the last big 'old school' dirt bike out there. Its in many ways an awesome machine--but if you went to Stonyford, unloaded a pig and a light fast estart bike--after an hour on each i would bet $5 that you would not pick the pig.

just being honest.


Its only heavy when you have to lift it after crashing. Fix the right footpeg right away before it breaks on you in the middle of no where. :naughty: Steny

If you want the easiest to ride fast with the "big boys", slow with the kids, get the 525 EXC KTM. If money is a major factor get a used 650R. I have them both and love the Honda but once you have the button you will never go back.

The BRP hide's it's weight great, Just keep it moving and you'll do fine.....

I love mine, Changed my gearing to 14/50 and ride tite trails all the time.. :naughty:

The XR650R is the most bang for the buck, and if you need a part or plastics they can be had on Ebay for decent price, I was tempted to buy a Husaberg there was a giveaway deal I found the people had trouble selling it, but when I checked on used parts they were nonexistent (in the event I would need a part) dealer would be the only choice and I havn't won the lottery yet.

Buy one. :naughty:

Thank You for all of the input.

I have looked at a few XR650R's now one of them new, all seem to be priced well enough. One of them is dual sported and that seems cool.

I think I might hafta buy a pig!

The weight is an issue but handling is more of an issue for me. If you compare the advertised specs the numbers are close to the 450X. Rake. Trail, Wheelbase, etc.

It would be interesting to see the magazines test an XR650R again the only test I could find was from 2000.



Thanks Gadsan great article the XR held it's own.

Looks like I need to pick the one I want!


If you're agressive and do tight trails, the KTM would be the ticket. I rode a 525 EXC last weekend in Baja. Suspension was perfect, very linear, easy-to-use power with a nice high-rpm pull, but it felt twitchy, even compared to my CRF450R. I didn't like it compared to my 650 for those conditions. I was gonna buy one, but now I've changed my mind. If you're big and/or in good shape and don't care if you're not the fastest guy in the group in the tight stuff, the XR is a better bike.

Thank you for all of the input.

I have come to the conclusion I will be buying a BRP in the near future. With my work and my son's racing BMX I don't want to be working on anything when it is riding time. I like to ride and if I can stay close to the group that is good enough. I am 40 years old and in decent shape chasing 2 boys around a bmx track helps and race the BMX old guys class every now and then. I don't want to race motorcycles anymore just ride camp and have fun.

Cant wait for the pig. :)


I just put my road tyres back on a couple of days ago with a new chain and sprockets (15 and 40)and the Acerbis 23l tank and took the BRP for a big run over the mountain tarmac twisties.........it can cope great with these and it can sit on the autoroute for hours too...I`ve even had it off road with this kind of gearing,even thru` twisty trails and forests and believe it or not ...no problems..it can cope with it....( I find that instead of being in say 2nd normally you`ll have it in 1st...that simple...it`ll pull it...you only loose out a bit in engine breaking in 1st as it`ll be a bit high)


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