00426 2 450 cam mod? will cam gear fit 426 timing chain?

I have heard great things from you guys about the 450 cam mod. I have found one from a guy that did the mod to his wr426 and did not run it but for 5 min. He had health problems and could not ride it. He said it ran great for that small amount of time but he and I were wondering about the differance between 450 cam gear and 00 yz426 timing chain and even though it would work (not perfectly) what were the effects of long term use? I ride hard and I cannot afford to replace engine. Help! :naughty: What do I do???????

Thanks in advance!

ask bluebeast, he has over 5000 miles on his bike I believe with no problems. Stop talking and order the OEM YZ 450 cam and thank us after you're done :thumbsup

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