funky smell help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i left my new alpinestars in my gear bag while wet and they are ripe how can u get that funky smell out.


You dont. Just kidding. Let them dry out completely. Leave them outside for a couple of days in the fresh air. It worked for my stinky riding helmet. Spraying with odor eater shoe spray helps too, but don't use that in your helmet.

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Let your boots dryout and then spray Lysol disinfectant in them, this worked for me.

Paul in AZ

Spray it with FaBreeze. Really hose it down. Then let it sit in the sun outside for a few hours. It works for my Nasty Hockey gear and that stuff stinks WAY worse than MX gear.


Is this soil sample Bob from Blue OK??

In the mean time put your boots on the trailer for the ride home Buddy


I use Febreze also, You can use it when you wash your stuff, and I also spray the inside of my helmet with it. Works great!

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