foot peg?

Is there any truth to the 600x also having an optional heated seat? I hope it comes with a gripper top section :naughty:

Even with heated grips, seat, and footpegs.

It will still be lighter and have MUCH more power than the Husky 510. :naughty:


It will still be lighter and have MUCH more power than the Husky 510. :naughty::D


With Honda's new 3 stroke engine technology, they are able to eliminate half of the valve train and associated hardware, saving weight while building more power, and I understand that the frame and most of the ancilliaries are gonna be made from unobtanium saving even more weight.

I heard target weight dry of 226lbs. and early dyno runs were showing 78 hp. :naughty:

Now that I have a different BRP and actually know about the problem the POS is probably going to break on me now! :naughty:

Hey pb1963,

I replaced the bolts on that new bike of yours last year after one of them broke. :D

Better keep an eye on them. :naughty:


Cool that Kritters is in San by everyday on the way to and from work. Easy fix.

If it dyno's at 78 stock it must be near 90 when uncorked. I think I'll stop by the dealer and put my name and money on the list...if there is still room. I heard they were sold out well into the second year after release.

Thanks for all the praise on my peg solution...I do have to say I got the idea from precision concepts and took their hillbilly hacked up piece of angle iron and perfected it.

If 75 is too much...dont buy it. Im told my price is HALF of what PC sells it for and twice as good!

The shim kit doesnt work as I have had 2 pegs come to me for a fix with the shims in them.

If you dont buy mine, buy precision concepts or do it yourself...I really dont care who you go to, just get the POS peg fixed!

To the big mo fos who havent broken a peg...try standing up when you ride. Im a big mofo as people here can attest and I broke mine in a g out at a moderate pace and if I was clipping along any faster I would have been hurt.

As somebody said above im usually pretty quick to reply but these days im putting in a lot of hours and I dont get on TT much anymore to hang out and rap with everybody.

I do the peg mod for $75. Send me your peg and I will have it back in the mailbox the same nite I receive it in the mail. I provide all new hardware as well.

If you want the peg installed and are local I can usually do it mon-thurs after 6pm...fri-sun im gone racin.

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