Motocross + Rekluse...??

Hello, Been away from this board for awhile. Read most everything in my search for Rekluse use here. My question is for you guys that race motocross with out the use of the clutch override. Whats it like at the start when the gate drops? I imagine, your sitting their basicly in 1st or 2nd gear idleing untill the gate drops then rolling on the throttle? And how are you placeing going into the first turn compared to the guys that dont have a Z-Start? Are you handi-capped at the start useing the Rekluse? I,m considering getting one for my bike for the simple reason that it takes more energy to start my 450f if I crash, than it does to actually run the race. Not to mention getting passed by a few bikes while trying to restart a dead horse. I leave the gate now with the throttle 3/4 pegged and dump the clutch. I usually get to the first turn some where between 4th and 8th. Thanks for your imput.....

why not get the perch adjuster. its les than 100.00 and you get the best of both worlds. a clutch for the starts and the z start for everything else.

I dont race however I have run EFM's auto and Rekluse's. You will get a great start with it. The only downside is sometimes right after a corner with a jump immediately following, the clutch would allow revving. That is about the only situation it might be needed IMO. They are a great addition to most of our (mortals) bikes.

Thanks guys!! Ive made up my mind to get one. The only time I use my clutch is at the gate drop and hard braking anyway. My 450f should have the torque to carry my 215 lb. butt quickly to that first turn useing the Rekluse system leaving in second gear. The gate drop was my main concern. A fellow rider posted in the general forum the success he has without the use of the override feature. Even though he has it, he dosent use it. I guess I'll give her a work out this coming weekend at Baja's practice in Millington. Dosent hurt to try something new.......

You won't be disappointed on the starts. I've got the override and don't use it on starts. I sit there at the gate in second gear, idling, when the gate drops I just whack the throttle and get ready to shift to third. Some riders use third gear on starts, but they don't weigh 230 like I do. I always get killer starts, never worse than third in the first corner. I do have one regret about the rekluse for mx. I wish I'd bought one sooner.

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