Starter on 03 XR65L

Hey guys,

This might be a stupid question. Can any body post any info about the life of the electric starter? How hard is it to replace, and is there a way to install a back up kick starter?



I haven't heard of a starter failing, and I'm tapped into most of the sites where the owners of the BRP-L congregate.

I think it would be fairly easy to replace.

You can install the bits from an XR600R and have yourself a kickstarter, but it does require splitting the cases- one of the tranny shafts gets replaced. If you had to do all that, might as well install a whole XR600 tranny and get rid of the killer 1-2 gap!

An important bit of info- the most likely reason the pig won't start on the trail is damage to all those safety interlocks- clutch, sidestand, neutral.

If the bike won't start, run, or stay running, take the 2 wires going to the clutch switch, short 'em together and connect 'em to ground. This bypasses all the safeties.


Xr650L starter replacement: A five minute job! Easy easy!!

My 1995 650L still has it's original starter.. I took out the kickstand kill contraption and jumped the wires inside the plug back in '96. I kept the neutral and the clutch safety's though.

If you're going to install the kick-starter, you may as well put in a manual compression release lever too (along with the XR600R's better gear set.) It's only money :naughty:

How certain are you that the center case has to be replaced? When I had mine apart, there appears to be a nice machined spot in the right half case for the kickstarter shaft. I couldn't see anything that indicated this case would need to be replaced.

I believe the cases on the XR were changed in '88. I'm kinda hoping that any XR600 parts from '88-on would enable a kickstarter in the XRL.

Any first hand experience would certainly be appreciated.


Center case doesn't need to be replaced, but 1 tranny shaft and the right-side cover get replaced. The tranny shaft is what requires the case split. I jotted down all the info from a fellow who did it on a dommie- A UK XR650L variant known as a dominator. I'll see if I can wrassle the info off my home machine- after it gets unpacked.


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