Free Mod advice, Please?

:naughty: I just recently bought a 98 wr 400. Seemmed to look and run good, and I wasn't worried about the lack of power cause I had read all about the "Free Power Mods".

The throttle stop had allready been cut down, and the exhaust cork had been drilled full of holes. He said it was to loud without it. ( I found that the noise to power ratio was favorable to leaving it out.

So now I'm wondering if this bike has the Grey wire? What is it's purpose? And what does cutting it do?

Also I pulled the cam cover off to check the cam timing to See if it was WR or YZF. When I line up the "I" mark, the exhaust cam has the marks at 9,12,& 3 o'clock, and the intake cam is turned 1 tooth clockwise. It's suppose to be the exhaust cam that gets turned clockwise one tooth, right? I read through the mod sheets several times to make sure I had it right. So is this possible? Or am I all messed up here?

Thanks in advance for the advice!!!

The grey wire goes to the CDI and it changes the ignition timing, it's my understanding you DO want the grey wire cut regardless of whether you have YZ or WR timming.

How about the cam timing? Can anyone clarify that for me? Thanks

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