Elec. system after Battery Removal?

I have decided to remove the e-start system from my 03 wr450. After removing the battery, anything special I should do with wiring or electrial system?? I do not want to damage or lose my lighting system (or anything else) . Starter will be removed soon also.

Well, not sure how you guys are managing to remove the battery without any other mods? I removed the battery and the bike wouldn't start. Put the battery back in and fired right up. Disconnected the battery while bike was running and it died. What else are people doing?

Leaving the estart on & battery in! :naughty:

you must ground the system with the wire that goes to the - batt,connect it to the frame :naughty: i've had several different people tell me it wouldn't work but i haven't burned down in the 6 mos. its been like that. lights still work too.

I bought my WR because of the electric start. Leave it in and push that magic button. OOOOOOHHHHHH so nice!!!!

Kinda figured that was what it was... just wanted to make sure! Thanks.

I just put pulled the battery and put electrical type around the wires the went to the battery. Rode twice and no problems yet and lights still work. I would have liked to keep the estart, but it never worked that good. Plus I was worried about the woodruff key issue also, and did not want to spend the $ to do the upgrade. I think I will take NC's advise about grounding to the frame.

Does someone sell a plug to go in place of the starter, mine's taken a dump again and i'm geting sick in tired of the expense to repair.2000 k's great bike yamaha !

I removed my battery and put tape around the exposed wire ends. That was 1 1/2 years ago and it has worked fine. The operation of my headlights was not affected, although the engine has to be running for them to work.

Does someone sell a plug to go in place of the starter, mine's taken a dump again and i'm geting sick in tired of the expense to repair.2000 k's great bike yamaha !

a automotive rubber freeze plug 1 1/8" -1 1/4" works. i don't know if australians have freeze plugs though?

i'm lead to believe(my instructor mentioned it yesterday) there is some sort of battery eliminator something or other. kinda like putting a large capacitor in place of the battery so you could keep the e-start but lose the weight of the battery.

i have no clue...... has anyone heard of anything of the sort??

cool, thanks for the link.

i wonder why it wouldn't work for the e-start since a capacitor builds up a pretty good charge. well, who knows.

do they mean you can't use it at all if you have the estart, or you just can't use your estart with it??

Capsitor discharges all of it's engery at once,super high amps.So your at MMI, so am I,what clinic or class?Day mid or eve class,I'm in the eve class we should ride sometime...

Thanks ncmountainman.i take it's just a rubber plug you glue in, or is it what we call a welsh plug.There brass and punch into the water jackets of a engine block?

the one i'm referring to is rubber but has a bolt through it that tightens and squishes the plug t'ill its tight in the hole, there's not really any pressure there so just about anything that fits tightly(and won't melt) could be siliconed in :)

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