Aftermarket Clutch lever for '05 WR450???

I just replaced my clutch lever on 05 wr450 and all that I could find available was OEM ($16-$17). Is there an aftermarket (Flanders, MSR, Sunline...) clutch lever and/or brake lever for 05wr450. I know I will need anotherone soon :naughty: .

I've just replaced my clutch perch, lever and cable on my 03' WR 450 with a Pivot Assist perch w/ forged lever and a Venhill "Featherlight" cable. The only drawback is the length of the lever, it's too long and hits the Barkbusters (Ego). I'm reluctant to cut the knob off though and this minor hicup is well worth the advantage gained. I've just set the clutch lower on the bars. Replacement levers are easy to get but are different from std.

I know this was not the point of your post and I have got replacement levers from bike accessory stores for half of what you paid. Maybe try a different supplier. I'm just so wrapped with the performance of the clutch I had to spruke.

Got it from :naughty:

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