bigtime overheating xr600r please help

i have 1987 xr600r that is heating red :naughty: pipes 30sec after started anybody have an idea :naughty:

Its either oil pump, lack of oil, or jetting.

Could be timing is retarded.

the bike has stock jets and aftermarket exhaust air filter and some roost boost and new ricky stator if i put bigger jets then it heats up even more and its got oil at least at the dipstik what is the easyest way to check the timing? the bike is very easy to start and it starts only if i dont pull the throtel

Whats the jetting???

And what is roost boost??... :naughty:

Ther is no way to adjust the timing on this bike.

Whats the jetting???

And what is roost boost??... :naughty:

Roost boost is something you pour in your tank to make your exhaust glow red hot :naughty:

sounds like the timing take out plug and side cover plug look for the timing mark with a screw driver in spark plug hole move the timing mark to tdc slowly watch screw driver and see if it is up all the way with the piston movement

check also for a vacuum leak, particularly around the intake manifold / carb junctions

thats a good point. spray something flammable around the intake manifold and carb and if the idle goes up you have a leak.

it dosent seem like to much air is bad when i put bigger jets it heats up even more roost boost is some thing for the spark and its not made to make the exhaust red exhaust heats red even whith out the rooster

How do you know the jetting is stock?

i checked the jetting

what was it?

122 main

on one carb or both? what was the pilot jet?

45 pilot 122 on both that is stock

When you add an exhaust and an air filter and open the airbox stock is wrong!

make sure none of the jets are blocked-plugged up.

xrracerr, I had the same problem with my 86 XL600R....First you need to get a temperature dip stick to monitor the oil temp....I burnt up 2 stators and a pickup coil before I learned....I had drilled the muffler and it seems that doing that leaned out the fuel mixture....I rejetted to 132 main and 128 secondary with K&N neddles clipped in the 4th slot from the top and the bike hasn't run over 250 deg since....If you want to simulate a rich mixture to see if rejetting is needed, try running with the choke on. This will richen the fuel mixture and give you some idea. If it helps the heating problem then you need to rejet before you start cooking parts....

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