Might Sell The 2004 Wr450???

what would it be worth?? I have only got a chance to ride it twice. I have put less than a tank of gas through it. :naughty: I am going to be working out of town for several months and can't ride it at all this summer. I haven't even registered it yet!! I have the MSO still. I bought a JD jet kit for it to put a GY-T pipe on it but never got that far so the jet kit is going with it.

Let me know.

Thanks. :naughty:

:naughty: quit your job and ride 7 days a week. :naughty:

I say quit that job....All work and no play makes jack a DULL BOY!! You dont want to end up like jack nicholson in the shining do you. Thats what happened to me..working all the time...i had to kill my entire family and all my friends..i went out and bought a 250f and feel much better now!!! That damn thing is like a giant bottle of PROZAC!!! :naughty::naughty:

Ouch. I've seen a couple of 04's in the local paper for $4500. They were in there for a long time, so I'm assuming that no one was biting at that price.

If you sell it now, it will have cost you around $2000 for the one tank worth of riding.

Don't sell the bike!!! You will regret it for the rest of your life. If you sold the thing now you would be losing a $hit load of money, don't do it. Instead, drain all the fluids, put it up on a stand in your garage and it will be waiting for you for when you have the time to ride. Just think bro, thats all the bike you will ever need!!

i will give you $5000cdn for it.

that is:

5,000.00 CAD

Canada Dollars = 4,121.33 USD

United States Dollars

1 CAD = 0.824266 USD 1 USD = 1.21320 CAD

2005.04.03 08:31:15 UTC.

but i think you should keep it and find a new job:thumbsup:

I agree with Jsan. If you sell it, it will take that much effort to pry yourself away from work again to buy another one. Then you will have the thought that this might happen all over again if you do get a new one, which will have you talkin youself into not doin it. Dont take the hit, just store it or give it to a buddy that dosent like to ride so you dont have to worry about him rapin your baby.

Thanks for the info guy's!!!It is appreciated. I am up in the air about it. I build custom bikes and want to use the money from the WR to start another bike. On the other hand nobody rides up here anymore. Upstate NY, where I live, is closing all the trails down to off road use(Adirondack Park!, Serria Club(a-holes)) I have to truck it to VT or western NY about 3-5 hrs away. That is what takes the time. It blows living in NY.

Took it for a little spin in the field next door and I think I will keep it. I might try to street legalize it??? It its not too much $$$ my neighbor isn't going to be happy dug a pretty good trench. I love the torque on this thing!!!!

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