WR 450 vs KTM 625 all 04

Find it difficult to compete with this cold blooded engine while I am on the fifth gear & the KTM is barley on his end second beginning third gear. In think it is all due to his rear sprocket which is only 40 teeth, while mine is 50 . :naughty::naughty: KTM has lots of vibration compared to the WR but got tremendous power too , byce wheelies 1,2,3 gear naturally, suspension & brakes are very good.

Now can anyone tell me how to cope with this beast in desert racing. :excuse me: :excuse me: is changing the sprocket will affect the WR performance or not . Thanks.... :D:D

You have deserts in France? Yes changing sprocket will really help top end, but can't add 200 cc.

I ride desert here in Az and am thinking bout changin out my rear sprocket for some more top end but am afraid to lose to much low end. My bike is only the 400 but I know there must be a better ratio that will give me what I want without sarificing the low end grunt. Any ideas of tooth count? :naughty:

Im using 14-45 for the desert on my WR400 and the bike rips!!

investigated the KTM uses a 17/40 sprokets amazing :naughty::naughty::D

Good Point Guys

I have an 03 WR450 and have ordered a bigger front 15 and smaller 48 rear sprockets to help out for more top end...I hope like you said, I don't loose too much bottom end!

I have a 16/46 with supermoto tyres on my 01 wr426. I think the 16 is a little big as I went from a 14 to the 16, and it does seem to have quite an effect on the low end, but i can top out at arond 165-170 kph. I will probably go back to the 15tooth and see how that is.

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