NCMM's was right about the engine ice, and my suspicions were confirmed

I switched to engine ice to make my bike ready for the summer here in TX. I went out about a week ago and rode some woods trails and the bike boiled over on me 4 or 5 times. I flushed the cooling system out several times and installed the plain old Prestone antifreeze that states that it will work with all colors of antifreeze. It also claimed to protect aluminum radiators. I substituted several ounce of the antifreeze with Water Wetter. I rode all day yesterday in the woods and it was warmer outside than the previous outing. I could tell that the bike was getting kind of warm at times, but it didn't boil over once. Oh yeah, I bought the premixed antifreeze if anyone was curious about that.

Been running engine Ice for well over a year in my 450. I ride a lot of very tight woods and in hot weather. I've never had it boil over. Very happy with the product. :naughty:


I had the same issue with the product 18 months ago and posted the same as NCMountainman! Just does not seem to like low speed technical riding :naughty:

I had the same issue with the product 18 months ago and posted the same as NCMountainman! Just does not seem to like low speed technical riding :naughty:

Interesting. It just so happens I'm working on an article for Dirt Rider testing different coolants, race and regular. Engine Ice is one I'll be looking at. I also tested the Boyesen impeller and cover. They work as advertised.

I used EI for a couple of years. Worked fine for me.. No boil overs for me but I don't spend that much time crawling in first gear in hot conditions. I have many friends that run Dave's Engine Ice with no complaints.

This is just such a curious product. I have had many people swear that it is the miracle coolant, and have had just as many have the same experience as myself. The difference may be that some of us have rciher/leaner running sleds. The engine ice didn't have much trouble in the wide open and quick running stuff. It did; however, boil like crazy when I was in the very slow technical stuff. I have had my sons out with me on the last few rides and they require me to stop and wait at times. The engine ice began boiling over every time that I would stop and wait for more than a few seconds. The prestone(EG blend) didn't boil over at all. Maybe its just me, maybe its just my bike; either way I will use the EG until someone has a better snake oil. NCMM seems to be very pleased with the Evan's product, if this current combination doesn't hold up; I will change over to it. Best Wishes

i always make the effort to keep my bike jetted right where it belongs,which is also right at the 'too lean' edge of things(which could be why it doesn't work for me). i think the engine ice performs best with the MX bunch as they get way more air flow than HS. any way you look at i won't be going back to any 50/50 mix again after using evans :naughty:

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