My XR650R went to a new owner yesterday. :naughty:

I bought a Gas Gas EC300 and can't afford to keep both.

I regret having to sell it but I want to try enduro racing.

The XR was fantasic for everything except the nastiest New England conditions, which are enduros.

I enjoyed participating on this site and want to thank you all for having me.

I'll stop by and let you know how the Gasser compares once my broken tibia allows me to get back in saddle.


Brian VT

Wow, an EC300. Kool bike :naughty:

Good luck with the enduro racing. Don't be a stranger and keep posting here. I like my 650r's (desert use), but I like reading reports on other bikes from 650r owners. Keep is posted on how it works out :naughty:

Good luck with the new ride and Enduro racing, Keep the hi side up... :naughty:

What ????? you're wife won't let you own two bikes? :naughty:

I'm getting a new bike Jan 07. Won't be selling the BRP though. One thing for sure, easy maintenance is a must.

Like Qadsan said, give us some ride reports on the GasGas.

Good luck to yah Brian. I'm sure I'll see you at the races this year. We can trade off, so you can, get your kicks. Jonny and I have talked on the phone. We're doing the hillclimbs in June just before the NH classis aboard the pigs. Should be nuts!

The proud new owner of Brian's ex BRP here. Going through it today. Clutch bushing, peg bolts, cables etc... Should have it on the road and riding it by Wednesday. :naughty:

I forgot to mention a special thanks to Brian for being patient and keeping the pig in his garage until I was ready to pick it up. Plus he met me half way which was close to 2 hrs. for both of us. Hpoe your leg heals soon and thanks again!

My leg took way too long to heal (10 months before I was riding), so I didn't get in shape in time to race. Did one Turkey Run and a few local fun rides. Probably 450 miles on the new Gasser.

I really miss the XR for the type of riding I've been doing. There's certainly vibration through the pegs that the XR didn't have. It's not noticeable in the woods but a bit annoying after more than a couple miles on fire roads. Also, if you spend much time sitting, this probably isn't the bike you want. There are better bikes than this Gas Gas for casual trail riding.

The exhaust is louder than I'd like. I'm guessing 93db vs 87 on my drilled XR with down tip. It's got fresh packing. I think alot of the noise comes off the expansion chamber. I've never seen anyone wrap a 2-stroke pipe but I've thought about it.

When I push it, the Gasser really shines. It turns like it's on rails. It feels amazingly light and the power is really crisp. Where, on the XR, I would "steam-roller" through a boney section, I can blip the throttle and skim over/through sections or even clear pieces when a small launch is available. The nastier the terrain, the better this bike gets. The hydraulic clutch is also a huge benefit. I considered an auto clutch but probably won't bother.

Maintenance is a cakewalk. Drain the oil, put new oil in. No filters or screens.

Parts have been no problem to get and are usually priced similiar to the Big 4 (unlike many KTM parts).

Oh yeah. The headlight actually lights !

I look forward to getting into race shape and seeing if I can have a good race, rather than just surviving it. Maybe even bring home a plastic statue.

If I realize that I just suck and no bike will help, I may just get another Pig. They are, IMO, the closest thing to a do-it-all bike.

Good luck with the gasser brian. Broken tibias suck! Had a compound tibia with a matching fibia once,still hurts every day and that was 19 years ago. Hope you heal fast.

Just checking in. Looks like you guys have everything under control here.

I'm still madly in love with the Gasser but wouldn't mind having a Pig "on the side".

Gotta see if the wife is "into it". lol

There's a guy over on ADVrider from the Mass Berkshires that has the same GasGas Enduro and I've read nothing but good things about it. I dunno if he rides much in VT but there's a few State parks in MA that offer decent trail riding.

I'm from the same area, and the little 2 smokers are definetly the best bikes for those trails, even my KX250 was geared too tall for them woods, definetly needs to be regeared and better set-up for the woods a bike like the EC300 or XC KTM would've been ideal for me but I got a sweet deal on almost new KX so for a couple hundred bucks I'll turn it into a woods weapon and still come out cheaper, but man I love those GasGas bikes stock Ohlins :drool.

Been there with the injury. Broke my right tibia/fibula back in '97 which required a plate & 7 screws in the tibia. Never felt right until the plate came out 3 years later. Now all's well. Good luck with the GasGas. I've been thinking about another bike as well. Not planning on racing anymore what with the wife/kids/mortgage thing limiting my tendency to ride as fast as I can but will likely go 2 smoke. Not unless I can hang on to my BRP though!

There's a guy over on ADVrider from the Mass Berkshires that has the same GasGas Enduro and I've read nothing but good things about it. I dunno if he rides much in VT but there's a few State parks in MA that offer decent trail riding.
I think I know who you mean. He goes by "Viverid" on a local dirtbike site. He's got a 200. I think he rides his DRZ and adv. bike more than the GG though. He trailbosses a d.s. ride down in the Berkshires. It gets good reviews from those that have ridden it.

A couple of our enduros use parts of the State parks down there. The whiners are working on getting o.r.v.s shut out though.

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