Cam mod...Half ring dropped in the engine


I did it. I read I had to take extra care when taking off the cam cap to prevent the half ring from falling in the engine. But I think it didn't register well enough. Anyway, I'm in the process of finishing the YZ450 cam mod on my WR, and the F***g half ring dropped in the case.

I'm sure it must of happened to some of you. I hope I'm not alone :cry: .

I can't see the half ring in the engine.

Simple questions:

How the hell did you get it out without dismantling the engine ?

I tried to fish it out with a magnet, but so far no success. Is this half ring magnetic ?

Any other suggestions? I considered laying on a rail track and waiting for a train to come, but may be there is a way to get this half moon piece without going to such extrem ?

Thanks :naughty:

pull the ignition side cover. if your not looking right at it, pull the flywheel. that area is the "bottom of the hole", so to speak.

I did the same thing, but was successful with a magnet on a stick. A pretty powerful one, though. Pulling the ignition side cover might help as well, as it will let light in from the bottom. You might try moving the cam chain around a little, too, just in case it's hiding the half ring.

Sorry to hear your magnet did not help so far.

Mines are on the bench at the moment so I just checked if they can be attracted by a magnet and they sure are.

Hope you'll find it! The train is not an option :naughty: You're the most serious riding partner I have within 250 Km! Give me a call before you do that :D:naughty:

If you have to open the beast, give me a call, I'm getting quite experienced! :D

Keep trying the magnet, got mine out!

Sounds like a lot of cam work going around. Problems too! I was changing the YZ timing back to WR timing and while I was rotating the cam, (which was kind of a beast) I must have changed too many teeth because now the "E" and "I" aren't flush or at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions like the picture shows in my manaul when the engine is TDC. :naughty: I would need to rotate the exhaust cam one tooth clockwise, and the intake cam two teeth counter clockwise to match the pictures. I already rotated the piston from TDC before I noticed. Can I just find TDC again, re-align the cams like the pictures show, and re-cap and torque? Or am I now "out of adjustment" with the valves?

I don't want to start my bike until I know it's correct. :D

Anybody know what I can do? :naughty:

Slack the chain, put the engine at tdc, remove cam caps, readjust the cams at the desired position (with the E and I marks) making sure you are at tdc, reinstall the cam caps, check valve lash making sure you are at tdc. You should be done.

Math, Whats valve lash?

Math, Whats valve lash?

Valve lash is the clearance between the cams and the buckets over the valves, valve clearance.

Valve lash is the clearance between the cams and the buckets over the valves, valve clearance.

Thanks Frosbite :naughty: Exact! I meant to make sure the valves are adjusted to specifications.

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