Checking Oil Level???

I have heard several diffrent ways to check the oil on the WR....Which is the best. I get diffrent readings for each way. I just don't want to run it low on oil, or too much for that matter.

Its best to know what is actually going on. Here goes.

When you first fire up the engine, the oil is all in the sump. So if you have a totally cold engine, it will look like there is no oil in the frame. (Because there isnt)

When you fire it up and let it warm up, it will move the oil up there. You want to wait about 1.5 minutes. Turn it off and check the oil.

If you have absolutly no idea how much oil is in there, or you think there might be none and are afraid to fire up the engine, then take out the bottom plugs, let her drain over night and put the right amount in.

If it's on the dipstick within a half hour of the engine being shut off, you're high enough.

If it's not blowing out the dipstick hole when the engine is running, you're low enough.

These are dry-sump oiling systems and the engine itself will always contain the proper amount of oil so long as there is a sufficient amount in the reservoir.

After you shut down, the oil gradually drains from the reservoir into the case. After 3 or 4 days, the reservoir will be empty, and if you pull the crank bolt cap on the stator cover, you'll get quite a lot of oil out of there.

To further complicate matters, the spec has changed from '01 to '03. Nothing has changed internally, but the dipstick hole has been moved down to the side of the reservoir, reducing capacity by about 1/4 quart.

For the record, the correct way to check it is to follow the manual.

Start and run the engine for a few minutes until it is warm. Shut it off and let it sit for 5 minutes. Put it on a stand or hold it upright. Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean, reinsert it, then check it. Don't screw it in, just dip it.

Thanks for the info. I did that and the oil read right in the middle of the dipstick. I changed it before I put it away and wanted to make sure before I rode it. Took her for a ride and I think I am going to keep it.!!!!

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