Oil Change?


Im ready to change the oil on my 426, do i drain the frame oil and then the crankcase? im struggling to find the sump plug for the crankcase, could anyone tell me where it is.

also how often should i change the inline filter?

Im new to MX :naughty: all replies will be helpfull

Best regards


There are three places. On the right side, remove the allen head screw for the filter (should clean it too). Behind the front wheel on the frame where it splits in two parts, and behind the shifter on the side cover. There is also a frame filter below the first mentioned screw that should be cleaned.

The case drain is on the shifter side tucked under the case. It is a bit tricky to find. I think it's the only 14mm bolt under there.

It's right in front of and below where the shift shaft enters the tranny, right under the neutral switch cover (blank cover with a wire coming out).

And unless you're unsure of the bike's past maintenance, don't sweat the screen in the frame. Each time I had mine out it was clean as new.

Remember to loosen and remove the oil dipstick on the frame backbone (up near your handlebars/gas tank) to help your oil completely drain.

He's got a 426, only 2 spots to drain. No need to losen the dipstick, the oil tank breather will let plenty of air in. You may however want to not remove the bolt completely from the tank (frame) the first time around until you see how far the oil will shoot out. 23Nm torque on the frame, and I believe 20Nm on the crank case drain. Use a torque wrench. If the bike is new to you then at least check the oil filter in the engine. 3 bolts on the right side crank case cover. It's normal to have small metal flakes in it, clean it out or replace it. Have a rag ready, some oil will come out of there when you remove the cover. The 3 bolts are torqued 10Nm, use a torque wrench. Lastly and most importantly, CHANGE THE OIL OFTEN! Have fun!

... It's normal to have small metal flakes in it, clean it out or replace it. ...un!

Is this true for all of our bikes? I changed my oil for first time the other day and little shiny flakes were in the filter. I about fainted. I've never seen little metal flakes in that XRs filter. Where is this stuff coming from?

Some of it is coming from the clutch plates.

Some of it is coming from the gears.

Thanx for the replies guys. :naughty:

how often would you change the oil ive ridden 3 rides now about 6 hours in total is it ready now or could i do a few more rides yet



forgot to ask whats the best way to clean the oil filter

Depend What Kind Of Oil Your Using And The Terrain You Ride.

I leave about 10.30 am on sunday and return about 1.00 pm, usually a mixture of trails and track riding, not really thrashing on track as i am new to the sport.

forgot to ask whats the best way to clean the oil filter

Contact or Brake cleaner on the Brass oil filter - paper filters replace

As soon as you notice the oil getting dark its time to change. A good synthetic oil will take longer to deteriorate than an ordinary mineral oil.

forgot to ask whats the best way to clean the oil filter

I use gunk parts cleaner (it's gentle). Rinse with water and blow it off with compressed air.

i dont have a air compressor is it ok to just shake all exess cleaner out and then leave to dry?

I've heard every 10hrs or so for oil, but if you're really hammering it, maybe every ride (?). :naughty:

changed oil and filter today, all in all it was quite easy,think ill forget cleaning the oil filter and just replace it with the oil after every 5 rides,couldnt get the frame filter out put a lot of pressure on the socket but i was scared of doing some damage, so will leave it alone for now.

Thanx again for all help :naughty:


If you have the stock paper filter ('03 and newer), you should replace that no less often than every other oil change. If you have the old brass filter, it should be cleaned every change. Same for the Scotts stainless filer.

You could clean the stainless and brass filters every-other change, but it's really not that big of a deal to do.

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