03 crf450 or 03 yzf for a newbie

Hi iam new to this site and new to dirtbikes, I just sold my raptor and i want to get a 4 stroke dirtbike,I have narrowed it down to 2 choices the crf450 and yzf450. Hers some info on me and what kinda ridding i would be doing.

Iam 16 5,8 170 pounds.

I wouldnt be doing any mx just lots of gravel ppits and sand dunes and screwing around with my friends.

I have owned a banshee and a raptor but new owned a dirtbike, alothough i have drivin some of my friends 2 stroke 250, never a 450.

I want a bike that is bullet proof, like the only thing i ever want to do to it is clean the airfilter, change the oil, and check/hopefully not adjust the vales.

I would be buying it used around 03, i have noticed that the hondas for the same year and condition etc sell for about 500$-1000$ more then the yamaha's, is there a reason for this? quality, more power, what is so much better that it cost that much more.

also could you direct me to soem post that are similar to mine.


If you want bullet proof, then the YZF is the right bike. If you want valve trouble, then go buy the CRF. In my opinion the Yamaha is far superior over the Honda. The YZF450 is super fast, great suspension, handling, and is one of the toughest bikes on the market. I would go with the Yamaha. :naughty:

You will most definately have less trouble with the YZ. They are very solid. The Honda has had some issues.

So the 03 yzf450 doe's not have any know issues that come standard from the factory, Becuase my raptor 660 sure did the second gear went on it, the oneway bearing, went though 2 cdis,clutches electrical componets on the thing always screw up, and also so many cracks in the frame, I hated it and was kinda mad at yamaha, but you guy's are saying there are no issues with there 450s, thats good news, Also when you say the honda's have issues could you be more specific, like what are know things that go wrong with them

Well, first of all you, cant really compare a Raptor to a YZ450. I had a friend that had a raptor and it was junk. He had nothing but trouble with it. Have you noticed that Yamaha is now using there 450 engine in the quads? Thats because its such a great engine. If you want to here the problems with the CRF, then just click on the CRF450 Forum and you will hear all about them. :naughty:

If you are looking for a play bike and aren't too concerned about having the latest and greatest, you may also consider the yz426. It is cheaper than a yz450, just as bullet proof as the yz450 and still a heck of a bike. In my opinion, the 426 is the best value in 4 stroke MX bikes. It gets a bad rap for being heavy, but trust me, it would make an excellent play bike. Maybe you have already ruled this out, but I think it's a bike worth looking at.

thanks for the replys guys, They have helped me make my choice (yzf450),

within the next couple days iam gona go out and look at some used 450's is there anything i should look for besides, Forks leaking, dirty air filter, Bad thick tarry oil that hasnt been changed often enough, Do these dirtbikes have any issues with the frames cracking. Also i was wondering could i do a comprsion test and get a acurate reading, becuase i was thinking with the auto decompression cam and all.


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