Gas in the oil?????

Went for a short ride yesterday in some slow rocky stuff. Slow enough that she got a little warm. (I have an oversize Acerbis tank which I believe is restricting the airflow a bit) The engine started making a strange sound so I shut it off. I let it cool about 15 min and then restarted. Sounds / runs normal. When I checked the oil it definitely has gas in it. Any ideas? I've done all the standard mods. Bike has 6 miles on it.


Check the float level in the carb and make sure the float needle is seating properly. I had a DR 350 drain half a tank of gas into the crank case because of a bad o ring that the float needle seats against. Also, make sure you turn the tank fuel valve to the off position when ever the bike is not running.

ARSaz is correct. There are only two places fuel flow can be stopped. The petcock and the needle/seat. Dirt bikes regularly collect all manner of crud in the fuel system. Doesn't take much to make the needle/seat malfunction.

Thanks guys. I dropped the float and made sure it was everthing was clean. I did notice some small pieces of black crud in the bottom of the bowl. I have a bad habit of leaving the fuel on and a piece of it must have stuck under the needle. Seems like I should have ended up with gas all over my garage floor instead of in the crankcase though. :naughty: Either way, I'll be turning off the fuel valve from now on. :naughty:

I assume you have drained all the oil/gas and replaced it with oil :naughty:

Yes, I actually changed it twice (with a 10 min ride in between) just to make sure I got all the diluted oil out. :naughty:

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