decomp plug leak

I just got my bike back together a couple of days ago and got the chance to go for a ride and everything worked great except I noticed a very small leak from the decompression lever hole where I just put a tt plug.

I've had the 450 cam in my bike for awhile but just left the lever and spring there I put in the tt plug while I had everything apart. When I put the retention screw in I geuss I cross threaded the bolt and managed to strip the threads in the hole so I had to pry the plug out so I could tap the stripped hole. Upon doing so I think I might have torn the stock seal. I was looking at the seal and it's in there pretty good, can they come out ? I know they sell the replacement lip seals but if I can't get the stock seal out could I try some sort of other sealant?

thanks for the help

Did you put the new seal in when you installed the TT plug? You should be able to carefully pry the old seal out with a flathead screwdriver. I just put the TT plug in my bike and the seal came out with no trouble at all. Just make sure you dont mark up the sealing surface in the case when taking the old seal out. :naughty:

If it's one of the older type seals with the steel exposed, it can be pretty tough, but if you're careful, you can get it out with a screwdriver as described.

Install the new seal by sliding it onto the plug, and then letting the plug push it in. You can use a large pair of "channel-lock" pliers to push the plug and seal into place by grabbing the plug with one jaw and the head behind the lock bolt boss with the other.

Don't strip it again. The mistake that is usually made is that the retention groove in the plug is not lined up with the lock bolt, and there are not very many threads engaged when the bolt gets tightened. The head of the bolt should bottom with very little resistance if everything's in the right place.

I found it easier to remove the seal with the rad removed. With the rad in there it's hard to pop that bugger out.


I manufacture the decomp plugs for TT, PM me with your mailing address and I'll get a new seal out to you asap tomorrow N/C.


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