Dropped the 450 in a deep water/mud hole

I dropped my 05 in a nice deep water/mud hole.It didn't cover the bike but I know I got water/mud in the air box.I wasn't to worried until I started to hear a lot of ticking comming from the motor.I drained the oil, it looked good.

Should I just check the valve clearance and not worry about it?

Your oil had no water in it?

Don't forget to open the carb ( the screw right under the carb ) there might be some water/mud in there...

Your oil had no water in it?

oil looked good ,no water :naughty:

OK all I pulled the valve cover off and found some what looked like sludge build up.I pulled the vent hose off and it had dirty water in it. :naughty: Tomorrow I am pulling the head off too check the top end.If all looks good is there some way to clean out the bottom end?

my 450 has had a few submarine missions :naughty: .

take the time to go over everything. valves, top end, carb etc.

oil usually is a shade of grey. if not, maybe you let off the throttle before the bike was submerged? check everything anyways for peace of mind


I did the same thing, silt in my oil, so I tore it down, ended up putting in new rings, valve seals, about 8 bearings - including the mains, a new rod and a few more bits. My bike did not have many hours on it (still on the original front tire). Then when I put it back together, I think I've got a leak on my head gasket and I'm blowing coolant. I'm still dealing with it. This has cost me about $800 (cdn) and that's just for the parts, and I'm still not done.

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