Throttle sticking

Just went out riding after i replaced the throttle screw, and the bike rips :naughty: but unfortunately my throttle stuck on me luckily only one time. i have heard of it happening when the screw is completely removed making it so the needle slips all the way out of the jet, but i have the YZ throttle screw in it. can anybody tell me why the throttle stuck open? has anyone else had it happen with the YZ throttle screw?

Hmm, I shortened mine to 18.23mm and it works fine. Silly question; but have you crashed the bike on the throttle side? If so, the throttle tube might be sticking. If not it is time to track everything down from the throttle, cables, slide etc and find out where it is hangin' up.

Dirt under the Throttle sleeve??

Possibly too much tension on the cable adjustments at the carburetor?? I had this happen to me and it took me a few hours to figure it out.

Ill check it out and let yall know

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