Do you see suspended pieces of metal in your oil?

The oil that I use is somewhat transparent and you can see if there is anything suspended in it. Whenever I change the oil it looks as if there are millions of miniscule pieces of aluminum suspended in it. The engine performs well, and it seems to be in top notch shape. I do much more than the required amount of maintenance. I have 146 miles on the bike and it has had five oil changes, and the same amount of air filter cleanings. I don't neglect the bike, so whatever it is has me baffled. Any ideas?

small pieces of aluminum is normal new engine parts and clutches and normal engine break in it is good that you changed the oil quickly after the first 100 miles or so now just stay on your normal maintenance and you should be fine same on mine after first couple miles no worries just maintain :naughty:

I have 146 miles on the bike and it has had five oil changes, and the same amount of air filter cleanings.


That's a little overkill don't cha think? I mean, that's an average of an oil change every HALF TANK of gas!

My first ride was 60 miles.

Owner's manual recommends 600 miles (ya, too long).

Typical practice around here is every 10 trail-hours, or every race day for track racing.

The first oil change should be early... 50-100 miles, but after that, 200-250 is just fine.

Don't forget that every time you change the oil you are running steel fasteners through aluminum threads.

Too frequent CAN be too much.

The biggest reason that I have been doing the changes so frequently is because of the metal pieces floating in the oil and the larger metal pieces in my oil filter. I agree that I do maintenance the sh*t out of my things, but I hardly ever have mechanical failure. I generally increase the oil change intervals after about the first 100 or so miles. The oil that is use is top notch and should last quite some time. It even smells good. Motul 300v seems to hold up well under the heat, but at $14.00 per liter it isn't cheap. P.S. I really appreciate the takes that you guys have on things.

I got a ZipTy magnetic drain plug and was VERY surprised at how much crap was stuck to it after 200 miles.

It looked like a thick sludge, but as I pushed it around on the end of the magnet, the oil gradually wicked into my finger, leaving the slivers of my gears on the tip.

I, too, have the zip ty magnetic drain plug. It has had plenty of crud on it every time that I have changed the oil. This is the first engine that I have ever had that has had this many shavings and metalic pieces in the oil. I have a Yamaha Road Star and it has never had anything close to this in the oil changes. All of my other toys are made by Honda and they have had what I consider normal oil changes. I love the performance of the 02 wr426, but the the suspended metal in the oil does worry me. If I hadn't already put $1,000.00 or so worth of goodies on it; I would most likely trade it in due to my fears of engine failure. For right now though, I am going to wait and see. If the engine should fail, this will be my last Blue purchase.

146 miles on an 02 bike, it's probably rust.

Only joking.

Well Greg, it has only been out of the crate for about 2 months. I bought it as a non-current model. The metalic flakes looking like finely milled aluminum shavings or something.

Welcome to the world of High Performance, High Shrapnel engines. The latest crop of 4-stroke wonders come already "built" My old flat tracker TT500 generated a bunch of metalflake shrapnel after it was ported and cammed and it was already over 20 years old! Magnetic drain plugs are a good deal. My 1974 Bultaco Pursang has magnetic plugs and still collects metal from the transmission and primary; and its oil gets changed every other race.

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