05 Xr650r Front Sprocket Question

I've dual sported my 05 xr650r and was wondering if anybody has tried a 15 tooth sprocket on the front. I want to go a little faster without reving so tight. Thanks for any input. I'm a new member to TT and love all the info.

Welcome aboard! I use a 15 front for when I am riding on the road and switch to a 13 tooth for tight trail riding. The 15 makes it cruise at a lower RPM and still enough punch for the accidental wheelie every now and then :naughty:

I had my XR650R dual sported, and tried the 15 tooth on the front, but the stock chain was too short to fit.

Other guys in here say they use the 15 tooth and the stock chain fits, I never understood what the problem was, maybe some bikes came stock with longer chains? I don't know, never found out. I still have a brand new 15 tooth sprocket which was never used because of this problem.

Pushing the rear axle and wheel as far forward as possible would still not allow the 15 tooth to fit the chain, on my bike anyway. My chain was totally stock. Slight differences in the diameters of brands of 15T sprockets maybe? I don't know, never figured it out, just ran the 14T and then went back to dirt only, and then, sold the bike in favor of a more streetable bike (DR650).

Good luck !


hey prichard welcome to tt lots of good stuff here to read will keep you going for awhile .as for the 15 i run one for the street and go back to the 14 for the dirt .works out great .just shift to second lean back and let the games begin .have fun but stay safe !!!!!!!

I have run 16 tooth front for very easy adventure tour trips. You will need to file the counter shaft sprocket stock case saver and you will need new chain. Just increase rear sprocket size to get gearing you want. The chain and sprockets will last longer with a bigger CS sprocket.

Where'd you get the 16T from? Who makes it?

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