650R Fork sag

I was wondering how much fork sag is recommended.

I think maybe you are confusing some terms on your suspension. There is no preload on the forks. There are two adjustments, rebound damping and compression damping. And "sag" is only referred to when referencing the rear shock. Read in to more articles to understand what is going on there. I like a good article when it comes to tuning suspension found at Too Tech Racing Click here for website . Hope this helps.

My general rule of thumb over the years for off road use has been to use springs that give me a front sag that's ~1/6 of my total front travel. For the rear I've been using ~1/3 my total rear travel. For instance, if I had 12" of front travel, I would want my sag at about ~2 inches. If my rear had a total travel of 12", then I'd want my sag to be about ~4 inches. The front sag is set by using different springs or preload spacers. Changing the position of the locknut and how far that rod inside the spring screws into the fork cap affects your clicker settings, not the front sag.

Again, I apologize for jumping on you tirebiter. Also, not sure what the end result is for your Forks. But another trick if your intention is to stiff up the forks is to use a little heavier fork oil. IE Try 10w versus 5w, this can also get a little stiffer ride. Not sure if it is stiffer or just a little slower reaction. Others may have input on this. Have you had your suspension done professionally yet or doing it yourself. Having Barnums or Too Tech do it for you might get you the nice ride you are looking for.

Definitely screw fork cap all the way on! Just get the right springs for your weight and don't worry about the fork sag. Adjust handling with changes in rear preload (sag), and height of forks in the triple clamps. Here is a spring / weight chart. http://www.xrsonly.com/html/eibach_springs.html

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