450 torque specs

After reading my owners manual I noticed that almost all of the bolts that should be torqued on the bike at regular intervals are given a low ft.lb. rating. Say 7,10,15 ft.lbs. etc. (mainly small bolts). Are all the units in ft. lbs or are some in " # in the manual? I need to purchase a good 1/4" drive torque wrench and want to know what unit of measure ("# or ft.lb) would be easiest to use instead of doing inch to pound conversions all the time. After searching for a good torque wrench on t.t. and surfing Proto's, Sears, home depot, lowes website can anyone give me some other locations to find/buy one? I have a Sears 3/8" drive wrench but the locking mechanism broke after minimal use so I'm looking for new name brands. Thanks for the help!

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