i need my 426 to sag about an 1 inch or 2...

is it possible to sag my 2002 426 a little without taking it to the shop to get the suspension done?...i am 5'8"...and about 195lbs...i want to drop it about an inch or two....any suggestions...quick fixes... :naughty:

If you are just looking to lower the seat height (I assume that's what you mean), you might try cutting down the seat foam. I know several factory riders do this. It's a pretty cheap way to make the bike a little shorter. Here's a link to an article in Transworld MX that shows how. TWMX Article

You may also look into lowering the subframe. Not sure how hard this would be on a 426, but it would be something you could investigate.

Another quick fix option would be to run more sag in the rear. This of course will change the way the bike handles, but it will make it lower.

I'm sure there are other quick fixes out there, but these are the first three that come to mind.

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