Leak Jet?????04 Yz450

A while back there was a post about the Boysen Acc pump cover and jetting changes that were supposed to make similar results. Anyways someone posted that changing the leak jet from a 70 to a 60 was supposed too have the same results.

All I can say is that I have an 04 450 and that jet is no where to be found in my floatbowl. I'm not sure about 03 450's, 250's or WR's but my bike does not have a leak jet. Someone posted a pic of where it's located and my doesn't have one.

Anyone else run into the same thing?

I "think" the leak jet in the YZ450 was new for '05

No leakjet in a 2003 YZF450 - not sure about 05 :naughty:

Yeah, I read the posts in here about the Boyesen Quick Shot cover and I also read the post by Jesse James that said you can achieve the same results by simply getting a #10 smaller leak jet. So off I go and order the leak jet for my 2004 YZ450f, purchase it, pull my carb apart and.....viola!!! NO LEAK JET.

uhhhhh........gee thanks. :naughty:

So I guess someone forgot to say that replacing your leak jet will ONLY work on certain YZxxxF's that have a leak jet. Has anyone been smart enough to populate a list that shows all the FCR carbs with a leak jet?



I just replaced the leak jet on my brother's '05 YZ250F with a smaller one with great results. My '04 YZ450F DOES NOT have one.

I'm so glad I didn't order one of those.

The 03 WR's have a leak jet but the YZ'S don't. I am still not sure why there is a difference. Any one know?

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