Don't take your pig swimming!

You might guess what comes next after a post title like that.:D:D:D

... but I have to start with the fact that there are not enough :D:cry::D:D 's or :naughty::D:D 's - to make up for the rescue work performed by fellow TT'er and friend sepw and his DRZ 400! More stories to come on the rescue, but ...

Saturday afternoon took a turn for the worse after this little puddle that I've been through before, even when it was deeper and longer - heck 3 weeks ago the exhuast tip was dipping underwater, but with the bike moving there wasn't any problem. This time the motor was running fine -after hitting the water the front wheel stopped cold, I even stepped off the bike and let go of the clutch lever - the bike just sat there churning the water with the back tire and no rider on it :D After pulling it out it fired right back up and ran for about 1/4 mile more and that was it :busted:

A quick look at the pics at this point....

visual aids to the story

the pics looking into the intake side of the motor show the slop that made it all the way through the air filter - carb - cylinder head - and on out into the exhaust. I should have stopped right after the puddle and flipped the bike instead of riding it further down the canyon! :busted::busted::naughty:

After pulling the carb in the field and seeing the slime job - the tow straps came out - now that story is going to be the subject of posts in the Southwest forum and the DRZ 400 (aka tow truck) forums - so check there for related posts....

Well, I have yet to tear further into the top end - more pics when that happens next. Be cautious of newly registered users selling a "barely ridden" BRP for a few weeks until I decide... Kidding! :p:p

Yikes! :naughty:

I feel for you!!! I hope that you get it sorted out easily. That is truly a sad story. I love my L and would probably done the same thing if that means anything. Good luck with that.

Dayum. I've buried my xr up to the seat in water, not mud though. I just held her pinned and she "floated" on through...

Yikes! :naughty:

I though I had a rough weekend.


Where did this happen?

yeah, where did it happen?

Where did this happen?

Chuck doesn't have a desk job, so I get a few hours before he can jump in and defend himself. We were down at Clear Creek, CA. You can check out some more pictures from Saturday and other days over in the SouthWest forum:

Post in SW forum


Hey Chuck - I found the perfect cure for your Honda problems:

The cure for Honda woes

Look at it this way - I've spent years walking the BLM around Clear Creek hunting for wild pigs and never seen one. You doen't even hunt and you've managed two kills. :naughty:

A DRZ? C'mon, you can do better than that. The thin brittle cases on the DRZ's wouldn't even survive a splash of water w/out cracking...HeH...

I feel for ya,long story short,ive been there with a cr500,cracked the cylender the whole nine yards.Four stroke very $$$$$ to fix

Man that's a bummer, Gotta be more carefull around those mud puddles :naughty:

Hope it didn't cause too much damage, Time for a valve job anyways, right :naughty:

I completely submerged my XRL once- had to pull the plug to get it to crank, and had to crank it until it pumped the water out of the cases through the breather.

It was 30 degrees, november, and getting dark...

Made it home OK, 4000 mi later still OK.

Hoping the slime didn't hurt things in your R too bad...


Chuck doesn't have a desk job...

Yup - that leaves me posting after hours - so here goes....


Swimming Pig chapter 2

Got to wrenching right after work today and here's the fist look

It looked like it was going to get ugly, but the cylinder walls look fine, the crud was contained to the combustion chamber. Right now she sits apart down to the bottom end. Had to come share the news. So this may turn out to be mostly a tear down and inspection job. My backup plan with the lotto ticket didn't work out anyway, but at least this won't cost too much. Well, unless you count the towing fees :naughty:

Now a word about air filters - for some reason (laziness) I had just put my stock filter back in for saturday. It's been prepped in a bag for almost a year now. I freshened it up with a spray of oil and used it instead of cleaning one of my UNI filters. In my gut I feel that the Honda filter did a great job of keeping things from being worse. It held onto a lot of the water that I know a UNI would have flowed.

- Another controversy started :naughty: with that


I think Honda will warranty this. I mean...... it doesn't look that bad to me. :naughty:

I think Honda will warranty this. I mean...... it doesn't look that bad to me. :naughty:

No worse than the stuff they fill the forks with right :naughty:

All in all it really is clean under the piston - the oil was fine - no particles/water to be found.

The Edelbrock suffered a sludge invasion too, but I cleaned that sucka out right when I got the bike home and didn't take any pics of the brown slide. The fuel bowl was fine..

What is that STUFF they put in the forks? :naughty:

Keep us posted on the outcome.

whale snot

another q is why?...the big H doesn't put that in any other they? :naughty:

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