A little help please

Please understand I am no mechanic but I will do my best here. While riding today I noticed oil on my head pipe. Upon furthter inspection I noticed that oil was dripping from my radiator. A Yamaha mechanic came over and told me that the oil was coming out of the area where the decompression shaft 'would be'. Two seperate guys came over and told me it has happened to them as well. I dont understand all of the particulars but I did find the 'hole' where the oil was squirting from and I understand that some sort of soft plug has fallen out of there. They said it was a easy fix and buy a new soft plug and try to 'glue' it in there so it doesnt fall out again. Anyone else have this problem and if so how did you fix it so it doesnt keep on happening. Thanks, Black n Blue.

Never mind, I was just looking around the TT store and saw my solution. 23 bucks and I dont have to worry about it agian. Sweet. :naughty:

I have done a forum search a learned quite a lot. Boy this is a nice little conversation I am having with myself. Thanks Black n Blue youve been alot of help. Your welcome Black n Blue, glad I could help. :D And no, I am not drunk. :naughty: just a little slow. :naughty:

I'm glad I couldn't be of help.

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