Wr/YZ 426 Subframes

Can anyone tell me if a '02 YZF426 subframe will fit a n '02 WR426? Are the number plates the same also? Thanks

Yep, YZ aluminium subframe will bolt straight on, BUT, you won't have both mounts for the coolant reservoir. A zip tie works, but to do it properly, you'll need to weld another mount on. I used to have my coolant reservoir mounted with just the one bolt, and a large zip tie on the other mounting point, no problem at all. :naughty: Sideplates on the Australian spec' WR426 are wider on the RH side (not sure about other countries spec's, probably the same?), to clear the large round stock muffler. YZF sideplate is narrower on the RHS because of oval shaped stock muffler. LH YZF sideplate is the same as WRF, except it doesn't have cutouts for the coolant reservoir. It is a simple job to cut them out with a Stanley type knife. Hope this helps :naughty:

Thanks for the help. What are the pros/ cons of running without the overflow tank? Do I need a different radiator cap?

If you are riding in really tight stuff, I would leave the coolant reservoir where it is, in case you ever get it boiling. With mine, I just chose to remove it, along with fitting YZ426 tank, seat, rear guard etc. Mainly to lose a bit of bulk from the bike. It worked :naughty: Most of the riding I do now is fairly open, but even when I rode in the bush a fair bit, I never came close to boiling my WR. I left my original rad' cap, no problem. The first day that I rode without the reservoir, the bike puked a little coolant (very little) when I stopped, but it obviously found it's own happy level, as it hasn't leaked a drop since. With the rad' cap removed, the level now is just a little below the filler neck. Cheers.

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