I want one!!!

I rode a YZ450F yesterday. I currently ride a DRZ400. I rode this 450 around for about two hours yesterday, and i love it. It is such a nice bike. They are just perfect in every way. I love it the suspension the motor everything is just fantastic. Can you guys give me some info as to what i might need to do to make it a little less radical? I usually ride the trails, and i think it may be a little too extreme. :naughty::naughty::D

Flywheel weights and maybe a WR cam, thats pricey though. 05 YZF has been mellowed out, nothing like an 03-04. Alot less hit and mellower motor :naughty:

Get the WR450. Less extreme and just as good!

I agree, if you want less radical go with a wr they are perfect for the trails. :naughty:

If it's trails only, the WR is made to order (and it has "The Button"). They're a little awkward on the track though, so if you're an MX'er, or play one in the hills, the YZ may be more to your liking.

The '03 was the feistiest, definitely add at least the Dr.D 6oz, or the GYT-R racing (about 5oz) flywheel. These are welded weight flywheels, so a lighter one works as well as a heavier bolt on. They don't work loose, and they don't interfere with the timing marks. The '04 came with the GYT-R 5oz as original equipment. The '03 clutch needs a few parts swapped out to make it smoother.

A WR cam will definitely cut the power back some, if you want. But try the flywheel first. BTW, Dr.D will let you exchange one weight for another if you buy one heavier or lighter than you want.

WR=trails, YZ=MX

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