My Perfect YZF, Bout Time

Well boys it only took me a year, (cause im not rich) but I think I now have the perfect bike, set up in every way i dreamed of when I bought it :naughty:

I only wish I had the money to buy another '04 so that I knew all my parts would fit my next bike :D

Im going to list my parts, not because I think im cool or rich (lord knows better) but because it took so long and so much overtime and effort to get my bike perfect INMO.

Ladies and Gentlement my Desert Racer :D

04' YZ450F Bought in December of '03

739G rear

756 front-MSR Heavy Tube

Titax 51 Tooth Rear Sprocket

DH-1 Triple Clamp

DH-1 Bar Clamp

Black Pro Taper Dough Henry Bend

Scotts Stabilizer (make sure you weld yours)

WC frame gaurds

DID X-Ring Gold chain

Honda grips (with the logo cut off :D hey man they are comfortable)

Clarke 2.8 Desert Tank

Acerbis Rally Pros hand gaurds

Stubby Blue Vent Hose 2"

DH-1 Desert Skid Plate

Zip-Ty Hot Start Carb Nut (stock one sucks)

Zip-Ty Magnetic Drain Plug

Zip-Ty Magnetic Carb Bowl Plug

Zip-Ty Air Filter Cage Ring

Kouba Link T-Handle Fuel Screw

Boyesen Accelerator Pump Cover

Devol Radiator Gaurds

Castol Actevo is her life blood...........

There she is in the best condition since I have bought it and im knee deep into my hare and hound season, She breaths confidence


Im going to try and post a picture, although i dont have a web site or web space, im trying to find a way :cry:

Uni, that sounds about like my 00 426, save the skid plate and the steering stabilizer. One suggestion I have for you is CR style front brake routing, it makes a ton of difference. I've never seen the mag carb plug, does it actually catch anything? I may have to get one of those :naughty: Nice looking bike, I wish it was in my garage!

Sweet! Big thumbs up :naughty:

You have every right to be proud of that bike.

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