03 WR 450 Starter Gear Update

I just did the update on my bike after breaking two side covers and being left stranded in the woods. I have really lost confidence in my bike because of this. Can I trust that this will not happen again? Im planning a Mexico trip and need to know that this fix is the answer and that I can trust my bike not to break down again.

Has anyone had any problems since this "fix". And by the way, thanks to those that turned me onto the link for the step by step instructions and parts list for the update.

I assume that you are referring to installing 04 gears in your 03. I was one of the first to upgrade my 03 starter system to the 04 gears. No problems to report after a year and a half of hard Mexico riding. :naughty:

I too also have 04 starter gears in my 03. No problems with the starting after 1 full year of racing abuse.

It's been over a year since I did the upgrade and no more woodruff key failures for me... :naughty:

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