Bolted on my GYT-R WOW

Bolted on my GYT muffler and mid. Its a carbon fiber muffler and a titanium mid pipe. Wow.

I'm shocked at the jump in torque. It added a lot of low to mid and still revs to the moon. I did no carb work, just bolted it on.

I pumped up so quick on the track this weekend.

I picked the muffler and mid on ebay, brand new; for $200.

Its loud as hell too. :naughty:

If there is anyone left with a stock pipe on an 01 426, I will recommend it.

I just put the White Brothers E-Series on mine tonight. Sound awsome. I was hoping it was going to be a bit quiter than stock, but no way. The thing sounds like a monster on steroids!

i have the gytr titanuim tapered headpipe on mine with the wb e,i have found 8 disc to be pretty good for mx,lots of low end and decent high rpm pull.any more disc just made it louder and required richer jetting,didnt make much more power.

Just out of interest what is the quietest pipe out there? As i amm putting my 02 426 on the road and dont want to be pulled over all the time?

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