Uncorking with a white bros E series pipe

I have a 03 650R that Im in the middle of uncorking, did the jets and am waiting for the 49 state manifold to arive via mail.

Now everything I read about uncorking talks about drilling out the EPA stuff with a hole saw on the stock pipe. When I bought my bike used, it had the W.B. E series on it (just the rear can) and I didnt get any info on it. My question is do I need to take any discs out? Oh yea, Im in California so I have the smog pump. Should I buy a block off kit or can I do this without buying some after market kit?

Any advice would be greatly appriciated.Thanks, Rex

I run an "E" Series on my 2002 XR650R. I do recommend the smog block off. Here is what I've learned with my bike:

With the White Bros header, "E" Series, Quiet Core insert (IMPORTANT if you're sound tested!!) and 12 discs = 96.0 db

Same as above with 10 discs = 94.4 db.

Thanks, I usually ride in the Anza Borrego desert and have never seen Rangers checking for sound.

Finally completed the un-corking and took the bike out for a ride yesterday and wow, it gave me quite a workout. My buddy was on his YZ 250 and he was in ahh of the BRP. Thanks for all the tips.

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