Thick / Tall Seat for Wr450 - 2003

Who are some of the companies that make a tall - thick seat for a WR450, 2003 model??

Any recommendations / comments on anybody who has one of these seats?



I'm using the Guts Racing tall/soft seat foam and I really like it. Not too soft yet not too firm either. I sat on a SDG tall/soft and it was REALLY soft and I could almost feel the seat base through the foam and cover!! :naughty:

Guts Racing tall/soft :naughty:

did you guys get a new seat of just thr foam / cover??

my dealer can get a tall seat complete for $85 -90 from moose. I am leaning this way..


Very happy with my tall foam Guts seat. Monkey butt no more.....

I bought the foam and cover. Pretty easy to install, but if you do it yourself, use a real good staple gun. The seat plastic pushed the limits of my Stanley stapler.

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