Leaky fork seals

Was out riding at Carnegie on Saturday and i looked down and noticed that my left fork seal was pouring out oil. So, I guess it's time for a new fork seal. Does anybody know any place to go and get my forks fixed at a decent price in the sacramento, CA area? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


before you put in new fork seals try pulling the fork shield off then find a small screwdriver and pull down the dust cover (seal). Now get down low and look under where you pulled the seal down from. Take your screwdriver to pry off the retainer clip. Now find an old film negative and stick it up under the upper seal and go around the fork tube a couple of times. Put it back together and with some luck the leak will be gone. Worked for me more than once and a whole lot cheaper. :naughty: here is a write up with pics http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=213525

Do it yourself!!! Very easy to do!! :naughty:

Thanks!! I'll give it a try. I had new suspension done on my bike about 6 months ago. I had white bros suspension put in the front and the rear with Eibach springs. I wouldn't think seals would go out that fast. I'll give that trick a try. Thanks!

I have a problem fork also. Seems I have a small nick in the fork tube and every few rides it must let dirt into the seal. I thought I heard you can pack the seal/wiper parts with grease is that correct? How about the Fork Seal Savers? think those would help?


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